Forest wellness - Holiday in the Thuringian Forest

Hiking is a trend, wellness is a trend - the perfect combination = forest wellness. More and more young people are opting for a hiking holiday alone or in a group. Couples also often prefer an active holiday to other forms of travel. Hiking as a shared hobby enriches the couple relationship and all destinations as well as hiking routes are lovingly planned together. The reason for the increasing popularity of a hiking holiday is the desire to experience nature and to set a counterpoint to the otherwise sedentary everyday life. The health aspect also plays a major role. While the fresh air helps to reduce stress, something is done for the heart and circulation. Holidays in the Thuringian Forest are becoming increasingly popular and are ideally suited for hikes through shady forests and light-flooded low mountain ranges.
Lütschetalsperre near Oberhof, hiking vacation in the Thuringian Forest
Lütschetalsperre near Oberhof, hiking vacation in the Thuringian Forest
Ohratalsperre near Oberhof, hiking vacation in the Thuringian Forest
Ohratalsperre near Oberhof, hiking vacation in the Thuringian Forest
Couple relaxing in forest | hiking vacation in hotel in Oberhof
Couple relaxing in forest | hiking vacation in hotel in Oberhof

The special climate in the Thuringian Forest

Between the idyllic Thuringian Forest Nature Park and the many historic places with their own history, there is much to discover. Countless well-signposted hiking trails run through the wildly romantic low mountain range in the green heart of Germany. One of them is the Rennsteig with a length of 170 kilometres. It is considered Germany's oldest and best-known long-distance hiking trail.

The hike leads over hilly paths as well as steep climbs and narrow gorges, making it as varied as life itself. Those who embark on this hiking trail are rewarded with breathtaking nature, rich meadows and impressive forests. Hiking on the Rennsteig clears the mind and puts you in a good mood.

At the higher altitudes, there is frost on about 150 days a year, so winter sports are also a favourite here. Winter sports are especially important in Oberhof, which is why it is one of the most visited holiday resorts in Thuringia for good reason. While the cold seasons make cross-country skiing and many other winter sports possible, the climate is pleasantly fresh and cool even on hot summer days due to the higher humidity in the treetops.

The high quality of the air in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park and the humid forest climate relieve the lungs and have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. Many tree species produce terpenes and pleasantly fragrant essential oils that have a healing and positive effect on the respiratory tract. No wonder, then, that holidays in the Thuringian Forest are becoming increasingly popular.

Vacation in Thuringia, view to Schwarzatal, tip Oberhof hotel
Hiking in the Thuringian Forest. Hiking vacation in hotel in Oberhof

Forest wellness with all senses

A break in the forest is good for body and soul. Nowhere can you find peace and slow down better than on the Nature Park Route, the hiking paradise in the middle of Germany's green heart. The Nature Park Route leads past unspoilt forests and original villages. The picturesque holiday resort of Oberhof also lies along this idyllic route with its charming landscape and dense forests. Trees have always been essential to life and survival for people and life would be hard to imagine without trees.
Forest areas have a positive effect on mood and spirit. Forest wellness is a special form of using the resources of the forest for health. Forest wellness is based on the conviction that the healing effect of the forest creates physical well-being for body and mind. If you want to actively experience forest wellness, the Thuringian Forest Nature Park is the right place for you. At high altitudes, the air is fresher and cleaner and the natural, moist forest climate is good for the whole body. If you want to experience forest wellness on your holiday, you will find the right region and a suitable, cosy forest hotel in the Schlossberghotel Oberhof, where your holiday will be pure relaxation.

How couples benefit from a forest wellness holiday

Almost everyone wants more time for their partner. Being able to relax and switch off together is enormously important for a relationship and is often neglected in hectic everyday life. But experiencing something new together also strengthens the satisfaction in the partnership. A holiday as a couple is a valuable way to get to know each other better and to get involved with each other. As a holiday couple, you grow even closer together and become a team. You take home valuable impressions together, set goals together, for example hiking stages, and achieve them together.
It brings people together and is good for the relationship. It doesn't always have to be a long-distance trip. You can also try something new together during an adventure walk in nature, be it mindfulness training, yoga or a new sport that both partners enjoy together. Far away from the daily routine and organisation, it's about rediscovering oneself and each other in a togetherness and developing common ground. And above all, having a lot of fun and doing something for your well-being.

Forest wellness and mindfulness for couples

The forest as a great source of health and the wellness time in the feel-good ambience of our Schlossberghotel ensure a relaxing time out.

On a wellness holiday for two, you switch off and simply let your soul dangle. If you have been hiking through the Thuringian Forest during the day, you can continue your relaxation afterwards at the hotel in Oberhof. Our wellness area offers you pure pampering time with swimming pool, sauna, cosmetics and massages without having to leave the hotel. At the Schlossberghotel Oberhof you can simply let yourself drift.

You will notice that within a very short time the stress hormones sink and your head and body regain their balance. There is nothing better for togetherness. The distractions of everyday life fade into the background and you become free to take more time for your partnership again.

Mindfulness in partnership is an attitude that strengthens the relationship and leads to a special interpersonal depth that counteracts the constant distraction and inattention.

Hotel Oberhof, Schlossberghotel hotel pool
Couple in hotel enjoying vacation

Practising mindfulness

Forests magically attract people. Whether alone or with a partner, many seek relaxation and recreation in the forest nature park. Forest bathing clears the mind and strengthens the immune system.

The trend of forest bathing originated in Japan and is considered health care there. But in Germany, too, more and more people are turning to the healing power of the forest air. But what is so special about forest bathing?

In contrast to a hike or a walk under trees, forest bathing focuses on the mindful perception of the surrounding stimuli.

The secret is to consciously perceive sensory impressions without judging them. This is not so easy at first. We are too accustomed to the superficial perception of everyday things to be able to grasp the environment in its entirety. However, mindfulness can be trained. With every stay in the forest, all senses are activated more and more.

Mindfulness training during forest bathing

Visual stimuli are received via the retina. This includes light conditions. With eyes closed, light and shadow are distinguished. The rich colour palette of a forest with numerous shades of green and brown can also be the target of your mindful perception.

Acoustic stimuli in the forest are unfamiliar sounds, such as bird calls, the rustling of leaves or the splashing of a spring. Try to sharpen your hearing. At first you may only hear the nearby sounds. If you concentrate carefully, you will soon be able to locate the more distant sources of sound and their direction.

The sense of smell: While a hike is mostly about the magnificent panorama and the physical aspect of the movement, the secret of forest bathing lies in the subtlety of perception. What smells emerge? Can you distinguish the spicy scents from the clear air, wood and earth?

The sense of touch helps you to feel different structures. The rough bark of a tree, the damp grass - everything can be felt and perceived.

The sense of taste: Nibble on berries or the provisions you have brought with you by consciously and slowly letting the delicacies melt on your tongue. Pay attention to which part of the tongue tastes first.

Why forest bathing is so healthy

Simply closing your eyes and perceiving your surroundings with all your senses, not allowing yourself to be distracted by your mobile phone - this leads to deep relaxation. You live in harmony with nature. Blood pressure and heart rate drop and tense muscles become looser. In addition, forest bathing stimulates the immune system, relaxes the nervous system and releases blockages. Body and mind come into balance.

Health can be so simple and fun at the same time! You can also support this aspect of health with a healthy diet. With our rich and varied breakfast buffet with natural products, you give your body the energy it needs for the hikes in the Thuringian Forest. Also always remember to drink enough and take drinks with you on your walks as well.

Clear water or herbal teas provide the necessary hydration. Many hiking trails start right near our hotel. Therefore, we can put together a good package for your holiday for every taste and fitness level. Whether wellness in the forest, forest hiking for tree addicts or wellness time for two - choose the right one for the most important time of the year - the holiday season - from the wide range of offers. The journey to our hotel is relaxed - its unique location in the middle of the nature park route guarantees good accessibility with a central location in the green heart of Germany.