A Romantic Marriage Proposal

Are you madly in love? The butterflies flutter through your stomach? Then you may have found the love of your life. And now you want to hold on to it tightly and seal it with the bond for life? A romantic proposal is the first step towards your dream wedding.

Have you been thinking about how best to go about it for a while? After all, it's not that often that you plan your romantic marriage proposal. We have put together some tips for an unforgettable marriage proposal.

Prepare a romantic marriage proposal

As always, preparation for this great moment is always the best prerequisite for not forgetting half of it in the end because of all the excitement. 

Think about what your partner doesn't like. You should then cross that off the list of ideas straight away. 

Because despite all the euphoria - if you plan a gnarly mountain bike tour with her and want to hand out the ring at the top of the mountain, but she doesn't like it at all - the marriage proposal can quickly go awry. 

We are happy to support you in your plans. 

Upon arrival at the Schlossberghotel Oberhof, the cuddle package with a bottle of sparkling wine, small fruit basket and, in the rooms with the bathtub, a bath additive already awaits you in your room. The romantic holiday for the marriage proposal can begin. 

We are also happy to make arrangements beforehand and design the room according to your wishes. We can organise things that you would like. How about a playful bouquet of flowers on arrival, for example? We will set a festive table for the 4-course candlelight dinner. We can also add a surprise or two for you.

Important: Tell us right away when you enquire that you are planning a surprise so that we don't give ourselves away.

Symbol image couples decoration Oberhof hotel room
Romantic decoration hotel in Oberhof, Schlossberghotel

Our tips for your perfect marriage proposal:

  • Choose a perfect moment. Maybe there is a special day for both of you, for example the day you met or a day when an outstanding event happened.
  • Once the day is set, choose the whole package. Would you rather ask at a place where you have been together before - or a romantic proposal in a hotel. Can you associate special things with your partner at this place, or even a favourite hobby?
  • Write down what you want to say - or write a very personal love letter (handwritten, of course).
  • A marriage proposal in public? Is that for you - or would you rather wait for or create an intimate moment.
  • It may help to talk to your friends beforehand and see what they say. Some ideas might be off the mark. Friends will be happy to help.
  • Don't approach the matter too doggedly
  • Don't argue before the proposal - Is everything OK in the relationship, do both partners feel comfortable? If not, it's better to wait a little longer, because a wedding is not a good idea.
  • Don't wait forever for the right moment. Sometimes it can be too late
  • Cover your planning tracks. Especially if you are already living together. If you make telephone enquiries, inform your counterpart that it is meant to be a surprise and to refrain from making further enquiries. Surf the Internet via an "incognito window" in your browser.
  • And do not use any Facebook or Amazon accounts (for example) in which you are logged in. The next mail with similar suggestions usually follows on its heels, as similar suggestions are made by means of cokies in the browser. The same applies to visited websites. So just make sure in the browser that you leave no traces in the history and so on. Otherwise, the Commissioner may reveal your surprise plans by chance.

The big moment - The romantic marriage proposal

We have some wonderful places to offer around Oberhof for the romantic marriage proposal.

With a gigantic view from the Schneekopf tower or the Oberhof ski jumps. Underground in one of the Thuringian caves or the Saalfeld fairy grottos. Or else:

You book a romantic picnic in the Rennsteig Garden Oberhof. A picnic basket is ready for you. The Rennsteig Garden Oberhof is a botanical landscape garden with enchanting views over the Thuringian Forest and even better, small secluded shelters. In such a refuge we can prepare everything for your romantic marriage proposal.
Symbol image couples decoration Oberhof hotel room
Romantic decoration hotel in Oberhof

Bookable additional packages for the perfect marriage proposal

Your marriage proposal is as individual as you are. We would like to support you. After all, experience shows that you don't plan a marriage proposal all the time and you are a professional wedding planner. You are looking for ideas and variations - here you will find our popular offers for the marriage proposal in the hotel with us in Oberhof:

Cuddle Time in Oberhof

Would you like to book just one night, or would you prefer a cheaper room category? Then you are welcome to book our cuddle package extra to your individual overnight stay. Fruit and chilled sparkling wine are provided in your room. In the evening, we await you for a romantic candlelight dinner. A delicious 4-course menu is the ideal prelude to the rest of the romantic evening with the crowning glory of the marriage proposal. Price per person: € 43

Bouquet flowers

We order a bouquet of seasonal flowers or flowers of your choice from the florist of our choice. This bouquet will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive. Price: € 29,- or by arrangement

Romantic Package Standard

Book your hotel room, just as you wish. On the day of your arrival, we will decorate your room with flower petals (e.g. red roses) and LED candles (in wax look). A fruit greeting is waiting in the room. We are also happy to arrange another day for you - here we are a sworn team with you. You name your desired date and you are responsible for the partnership diversion. We take care of the surprise in the room. Price package: € 25


Fruit plate in the room, Hotel Oberhof
Surprise in hotel room, sample image | ©DePho - stock.adobe.com

Romantic Package Champagne

Surprise your partner when you arrive at our hotel. Book your overnight stay to propose. Maybe you won't even tell us where you're going and thus plan the perfect surprise. We will decorate your room with flower petals (e.g. red roses) and wax-look LED candles. A fruit greeting and a bottle of chilled sparkling wine (house brand) will be waiting in your room upon your arrival. Price package: € 49

Romantic Package Deluxe

The all-round offer for your romantic marriage proposal. We can individualise your offer on request. In the past, we have already conspired with the proposer ;-) to place personal mementos in the room. Or depicted the shared history of the hopefully future bride and groom. We decorate your room with flower petals (e.g. red roses) and LED candles (in wax look). A small bouquet of flowers completes the decoration. A fruit greeting and a bottle of chilled champagne will be waiting for you in your room upon arrival. We'll be rooting for you. Have the courage. Package price: € 89  

Picnic in the Rennsteig Garden

Looking for that special place to propose? We have something prepared for you. How about a romantic picnic in the Rennsteig Garden including: admission to the Rennsteig Garden, picnic basket for two: with blueberry spritzer, freshly baked piece of cake, fresh fruit in the "Amerika Hütte". A secluded spot, all to yourself and a little off the main path. Protected from the weather and with a wonderful view awaits you and your big moment. Price package: € 39