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Your wellness hotel in Oberhof - A time-out from the turbulent everyday life - this is what everyone dreams of who suffers from stress and hectic in our modern times. Everyone knows how important breaks are nowadays. Regular rest is of great importance. Everyone should therefore allow themselves time out now and then! Only then will the soul, mind and body stay fit and be able to cope with all the demands. Wellness in Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest is the perfect place for a short or long break. The Thuringian Forest is full of surprises and a beautiful piece of magnificent nature. Moreover, it is located in the heart of Germany and is easily accessible from everywhere.
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Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest - an oasis of tranquillity

The Thuringian Forest is considered one of the most beautiful places in Germany. It magically attracts hikers and nature lovers from near and far. In winter, the trails for cross-country skiers and the prominent sporting events in Oberhof attract visitors. In summer, the numerous hiking trails beckon.

The Rennsteig, in the heart of the Thuringian Forest, is the oldest and best-known high-altitude hiking trail in Germany.

Actually, hikers are supposed to take a stone from the Werra at the beginning of the route and throw it into the Saale at the end of the trail - but it is also enough to undertake shorter stretches on the Rennsteig. The famous Rennsteig Garden is located in Oberhof.

Here, visitors get to know the entire plant diversity of the high-altitude hiking trail on seven hectares. Just the thing for those who prefer shorter walks on a wellness holiday in Thuringia. Oberhof in the middle of the Thuringian Forest is an oasis of peace. Small walks are just as possible here as larger hikes.

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The family-run Schlossberghotel in Oberhof is a prestigious wellness hotel in Thuringia. Here, the focus has been on adult well-being for years. That is why the hotel has become a popular address for couples and anyone else who wants to enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside far away from the family hustle and bustle. The house is also perfect for a few days of wellness for girlfriends.

It is a hotel with a swimming pool, sauna and sun loungers and an extensive range of massages and treatments. Why not enjoy a massage in the morning after a hearty breakfast and then unwind in the forest? Only here can you combine the tranquillity of nature so impressively with the luxury of a lovingly furnished hotel perfectly.

Wellness holiday in the Thuringian Forest, hotel with swimming pool.

Some of the most beautiful hiking and walking trails in Thuringia start right on the doorstep. Even a nature reserve with ancient spruces is in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Find out about the hotel's extensive wellness offer here. You will see: From the indoor pool to elegant loungers and a wide range of massages, the hotel has everything to offer!

Wellness hotel for lovers or wellness for girlfriends?

Both - and much more - are possible. Why not relax, eat well and enjoy nature together with your girlfriends? Girlfriends in particular know exactly what could be fun together. Maybe you want to explore the countryside together, or maybe you just want to relax and enjoy some beauty treatments together. All this is just as possible as a few days together for lovers who want to experience life at its best as a couple. Of course, this also includes selected and romantic meals.
The Schlossberghotel in Oberhof scores with its appealing restaurant. Whether you prefer light Asian cuisine or tasty home cooking - there is something for everyone in these restaurants! In the Kaminstube you can end the day with candlelight and a glass of wine, while in the Wintergarten you can discuss the day's plans together with friends and a hearty snack. By the way: If you are planning a longer hike, the kitchen will pack you a lunch on request. So you are also well looked after on the way.

Your wellness hotel near the H2Oberhof Wellness Spa

Of particular interest to active guests: this wellness hotel in Thuringia is close to the H2Oberhof wellness spa. The former Rennsteigtherme is only a five-minute walk away and is completely geared towards relaxation.

Here you can relax and enjoy life down to the last detail. The swimming area is so spacious with its different pools that you almost feel like you're at the beach in the south.

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In summer, the large outdoor pool is recommended; on cooler days, the air bubble pool and the whirlpool are especially fun.

In addition, there are numerous massage offers, seven different types of saunas and exciting wellness packages. The H2Oberhof wellness spa is an excellent addition to the Schlossberghotel's offerings.

Find out more about the varied offer here and let us take care of you all round.

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