Family Holidays in Thuringia - A Holiday for Everyone

Parents look for holiday destinations that are predestined for families with children every year - unfortunately, sometimes in vain. But they do exist, these little gems that are so enchanting and varied at the same time that young and old want to return there again and again.

Just like Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest - but read for yourself.

Our TOP offers for family holidays

We have put together special offers for our families. No matter whether you are travelling with the children or grandchildren. For the family offers, we have double rooms with extra beds in our hotel.

The following services are included in our family offer:

  • Overnight stay in a family room
  • Space for 2 adults and up to two children
  • Rich breakfast buffet
  • 1 x admission to the swimming pool area of the H2Oberhof Wellness Spa
  • 3-course choice menu for dinner
  • Free use of indoor pool and sauna on all days
  • Many advantages and inclusive services from the Oberhof guest card

Family offers

Family time in Oberhof
15.06. - 22.12.2024
Time for a holiday with the family. Offer including half board and admission to the H2Oberhof wellness pool.
3-6 nights
from € 310,- per person
Family holiday in Oberhof
15.04. - 31.10.2024
Fun for the whole family guaranteed. Including 18 hole adventure golf OR ice skating in our direct neighbourhood, half board, Oberhof guest card.
2-6 nights
from € 207,- per person

A brief introduction: The dream destination for a family holiday

Viewed soberly, Oberhof is simply a small town with not quite 1600 inhabitants. Situated on the ridge of the Thuringian Forest, the town in the district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen in Thuringia has made a name for itself primarily as a winter sports resort. The town is known for its large and small competitions such as the Biathlon World Cup or the Luge World Cup.

But when you take a closer look, the town offers so much more that is worth discovering! It is not for nothing that the first summer visitors discovered as early as the 19th century that the charms of summer can certainly rival those of winter. Thus, the region quickly developed into a popular holiday destination for all those who were looking for the tranquillity of nature, but at the same time wanted to experience something.

The small miners' village has become a unique combination of nature, various activities and sights as well as health offers. No matter when families plan their holidays with children - holidays here will be an unforgettable experience at any time of year.

Even - or especially - in summer, when the Rennsteig Garden awaits with its rare mountain plants, when the hiking paradise of the Thuringian Forest Nature Park beckons, holidays with the family here are incomparably restful, relaxing and at the same time arousing longings. First and foremost, the longing at the end of the holiday to come back as soon as possible, to discover more natural beauty and to experience the hospitality of the people and an entire region.

Spa park in summer, Tip Hotel Oberhof
Rennsteig Garden Oberhof, excursion tip Hotel Oberhof

Special offers for holidays with children

Come to Oberhof and we promise that this question will not be on the agenda. Regardless of whether parents with children or grandparents with grandchildren start their summer holiday - the Schlossberghotel has the right leisure activities ready in any case.

Holidays with children can be quite exhausting - so much so, in fact, that many a mum or dad wishes the working week would start again as soon as possible.

The big holidays are supposed to be eventful and offer adventure - but many holiday offers that are advertised as suitable for families are rather meant for the parents and do not take the needs of the children into account. The result: boredom and frustration spread; the long-planned holiday with the whole family turns into a disaster, which lives above all from the question: "When are we finally going home again?"

Lots included with the Oberhof guest card
Every guest in Oberhof receives the Oberhof Card, with which numerous leisure activities can be used at no additional charge.

Whether it's guided hikes, mountain bike tours or admission to various events for guests young and old - the Oberhof guest card ensures that you don't have to worry about your holiday budget.

Holidays in Oberhof: Arrive, unpack, feel good!

Fancy a day at the swimming pool?

Of course, the region entices you with numerous offers for a holiday in the Thuringian Forest. But even during your family holiday, you will ask yourself: Why go far when the good stuff is so close? In our case, the "good" is the H2Oberhof Wellnessbad, to which you and your family have free admission for four hours as part of our offer for the summer holidays.

Experience the wonderful bathing landscape with an adventure pool, whose special highlights are the waterfall and the grotto. You don't want to swim or slide, but simply relax? Then let the children run around and enjoy one of the three whirlpools yourself.

If the kids are still small and can't go into the pool without supervision, that's no big deal - just sit next to the baby pool or the indoor playground and watch your offspring romp around. There's also an area just for kids outside, plus a heated pool and a great sunbathing lawn for relaxing.

Take turns with your partner and enjoy the full wellness offer - even if it's summer holidays and you're in the pool with the kids. This feel-good time brings you well-deserved relaxation and ensures that you can go back to everyday life fresh and invigorated.

Winter in Oberhof - All year round

Those who also like snow in summer will be happy at the LOTTO Thüringen Skisport-HALLE Oberhof. This is the only indoor ski slope in the whole of Germany where Nordic winter sports are even possible in the hot season. Experience the almost two-kilometre-long course with your children, where you can ski uphill and downhill. Or how about a cross-country course in summer? Then you are already prepared for the winter season.

Snow is sure to be there, thanks to the four snow-making machines. In addition, there are cool temperatures - it is only minus four degrees warm (or cold) here all year round. Winter sports are just as possible here as biathlon shooting. Combine a summer holiday with a winter holiday without having to plan a time gap and without having to travel to another place!

Also worth mentioning at this point is the bike park, which will be expanded and redesigned in summer 2020.  The new routes will be even more challenging and invite you to try them out and let off steam. If you are planning holidays with young people who want to experience an adventure, the bike park should definitely be on the list of highlights to visit in the city as well as the region.

Winter vacation, icon child Oberhof hotel
Golf climbing park with avdenturegolf Oberhof, leisure fun at hotel in Oberhof

Oberhof family holiday - excursion destinations with children

There are indeed holidays when parents don't know what to do with the children. Most of the time, the offspring don't like to go walking every day, go for bike rides or go to the playground.

A little bit of each, but something new every day, please! That's not possible, you might say. Yes, it is!

Dreamlike surroundings: Where can an excursion take you?

Anyone on holiday here with children will be overwhelmed by the abundance of things to do. In one week or in the fortnight that such a holiday usually lasts, it is not possible to fully explore the hiking paradise, nor is it possible to "take in" all the highlights in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park.

We therefore recommend thinking about booking a second holiday right away, because guests almost always say goodbye with a friendly "We'll be back - see you soon!" This also applies to those who enjoyed their family holiday here.

However, not only Oberhof itself, but also the region has so much to offer that we can only mention a few places as absolute highlights here. The following always applies: Arrive - have a look - feel good and ask yourself how best to extend your holiday. May we introduce you?

Offers for family holidays in Goldlauter-Heidersbach

A holiday with the family should definitely include a visit to Goldlauter-Heidersbach, a recognised health resort and district of the town of Suhl. The town lies directly at the foot of the Großer Beerberg, which with its 983 m is the highest mountain in the region. The network of hiking trails is particularly well developed here and leads to the central massif of the low mountain range and to the Rennsteig, among other places.

Do you have children who can't get enough of running around, climbing and marvelling? Then you will find the ideal excursion destinations here to finally get the little ones tired. The summit hiking trail has seven mountains in store from which you and your family can get a breathtaking overview of the region. The trail is about 30 km long and is perfect for a full-day tour with not-so-little children. However, since it is easy to "hike", the buggy may also come along, in which the little ones can rest for a while. Would you rather look at the world from above? Please, that is also possible from Goldlauter-Heidersbach, because the gliding club located here offers sightseeing flights over the Thuringian Forest.

Steinbach-Hallenberg for families

Steinbach-Hallenberg is located directly in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park and also on the Rennsteig trail. Hiking again? Yes, absolutely, if you want to reach this destination, because the best way to experience the state-recognised health resort is on foot and in the great outdoors. It is wildly romantic, unspoilt and alternates between rivers, valleys, Thuringian mountains and rustling spruce forests.

Once you have climbed the 900-metre-high mountains, you can enjoy an incredible view from up here. In summer, hiking tours are just as much an option as Nordic walking excursions or mountain bike rides. Don't forget to visit the Hallenburg: Be sure to visit Hallenburg Castle, which dates back to 1212 and sits enthroned on the porphyry rock. This is about 80 m high and makes the castle ruins all the more obvious. Incidentally, it is considered the town's landmark and even features on the town's coat of arms. 

You should also plan a little time in the Metal Craft Museum. This is where the corkscrew was invented over a hundred years ago and the first patent was granted for this practical invention. Today, you can still watch these traditional corkscrews being made in the historic workshop.

Family offers in Zella-Mehlis

If you like it culturally sophisticated, Zella-Mehlis is the right address. An excursion from the Schlossberghotel is possible at any time, the towns are only a few kilometres apart.

Perhaps as part of a short hiking tour along the Rennsteig? The fact is that hectic everyday life has no place here and boredom is an absolute foreign word. Hiking, sports and numerous excursion options round off the town's cultural offerings. The latter includes the Zella St. Blasii hall church, among other things, and the half-timbered house and the former shelling house, which now houses the town museum, must also be visited. One of the most popular destinations in all of Thuringia is the marine aquarium with its 1 million litre shark tank. Look deep into the eyes of the eerily beautiful animals and marvel at their teeth up close.

Families with slightly older children can visit the Explorata hands-on world in Zella-Mehlis, among other things. More than 80 stations with different experiments invite you to join in, discover and explore - and of course be amazed! - and of course to be amazed! The best thing about it: knowledge of physics is not necessary!

Oberschönau for family trips

The last place we would like to introduce as an excursion destination at this point is Oberschönau. Only about 850 people live here, making the small town more of an idyllic hamlet.

It is only ten kilometres from the Schlossberghotel to here - so you can easily choose Oberschönau as a destination for a day hiking tour or for an excursion by bike. The pure nature offers relaxation for young and old, the fascinating panoramic views make the hearts of lovers of beautiful landscapes beat faster.
At this point we would like to note once again that the Oberhof Card and with it the associated Thuringian Forest Card are valid in all these and many other holiday destinations in the region and that you can enjoy comprehensive and varied services here at no extra charge. 

We wish you a good rest and a wonderful holiday!

The Oberhof family holiday offers something for every family member

and not only the surrounding places, some of which we will introduce in a moment, but also our city itself has so much to offer that your children will not know what boredom is.

First of all, there's Kids Club Indoor Planet: this is an indoor playground of around 1200 m², open to children up to the age of 16. Play tower, slide, climbing mountain, multifunctional field for various sports - there is something for everyone and even the youngsters won't feel "uncool" when they let off steam in the playground in rainy weather.

Or how about a visit to the exotarium? Here, visitors big and small are offered various terrariums and aquariums and can experience banded monitors and reticulated pythons up close. Separated by a pane of glass, of course, but most people have never been this close to exotic animals! Very exciting is the Amazon aquarium, which is designed as a large aquarium and holds around 40,000 litres. In addition to the presentation of animals and plants, the lectures on the flora and fauna of other countries are just as much a visitor magnet as the snake feeding, which guests can watch every Wednesday.

A special experience for somewhat older children is a visit to the Oberhof Glass Room. Small children may be less well catered for here, because - as the name suggests - everything here is made of glass or the manufacture of glass is illustrated. You can see how glass tubes are made or how entire works of glass art are produced. Why not try it yourself and blow your own glass ball! You will hardly find a better souvenir and you can be sure that you will always remember your family holiday here.