Hiking in Oberhof

A hiker's paradise in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park

The first signposted hiking trails around Oberhof start in the immediate vicinity of the Schlossberghotel Oberhof. Only a few minutes walk behind the hotel you will meet the oldest spruces in the whole of East Germany. The Schlossberg spruces have been standing here in the Oberhof forest for up to 300 years. Before the 30-year war, the old hunting lodge, built by the dukes of Weimar, stood here. Unfortunately, this was completely destroyed during the war, leaving behind the name "Schlossberg". Now these magnificent giant trees thrive in this specially protected area. The Schlossberg spruces are considered to be particularly robust, are so-called "high altitude spruces" and are now being replanted to make the forests in the high altitudes more sustainable and weather-resistant. These tree varieties have adapted to the weather conditions at high altitudes over many centuries and are more stable against wind and snow. On request, special guided hikes around the spruces at Schlossberg are even offered by the Oberhof forestry office.

Offers for hiking vacation in Oberhof

Thuringian Hiking Days
01.02. - 22.12.2024
Enjoy magical forest moments, blossom splendour & Thuringian tradition. Included: Admission to the Rennsteig Garden, Thuringian snack for the road, 1 x Rennsteig drop & Thuringian evening menu.
2-6 nights
from € 181,- per person
Thuringian Forest Enjoyment
01.05. - 31.10.2024
Feel nature, discover Thuringia. Our Thuringian Forest indulgence included: one admission to the Rennsteig Garden, 3-course dinner menu, Thuringian Forest Card experience guide.
2-6 nights
from € 292,50 per person

Hiking trails close to the hotel

If you only want to go for an easy hike, the hiking trails around Oberhof, right by our hotel, are ideal. You can hike on small paths through the forest or use the town hiking trail and explore the famous winter sports resort. At many houses of Oberhof you will find entertaining signs, along the historical town hiking trail. These tell about Oberhof in the imperial era, when the German high nobility spent their summer holidays in Oberhof.
Behind the Oberen Hof starts the nature trail, with easy ups and downs. Along this trail you will discover carved figures and evidence of the early forest workers in Oberhof. You can take a leisurely hike along the stroller trails, which owe their name to the fact that they are easily accessible, even for hikers on bicycles. Short routes that are close to the village but still lead through the forest, with resting places and viewpoints, for example at the historic redoubts on the Wadeberg.
Nordic Walking in the Thuringian Forest, vacation in hotel in Oberhof
Viewpoint in Thuringian Forest, vacation in hotel in Oberhof

Other hiking trails around Oberhof

Of course, Oberhof has the Rennsteig, the famous high-altitude hiking route, right on its doorstep, but hiking in and around Oberhof does not necessarily mean walking the Rennsteig.

Oberhof offers numerous other tours besides the Rennsteig, which lead past wonderful natural beauty and are also suitable for inexperienced hikers, because they are shorter and somewhat flatter.

Starting from our house, a twenty to thirty minute walk leads to the famous Rennsteig Garden, Oberhof's famous botanical garden. Those who love bizarre rock formations will be happy to take another short detour from the parking lot at the Rennsteig Garden and walk to the Burnt Stone. This trail is about three kilometers long and leads the nature lover past a moor nature trail after the first two kilometers and ends at the beautiful, craggy rock.

Another very beautiful hike leads from Oberhof over five kilometers to the Lütschetalsperre with a breathtaking view. Oberhof is a paradise for hikers. Whether experienced and trained or casual hiker, everyone will find hiking routes with different levels. But all hiking routes have one thing in common: Whether short or long, whether with many climbs or relatively flat, the area around Oberhof offers nature wherever the eye looks.

Your certified hotel for hiking holidays

We have subjected our hotel in Oberhof to the certification "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland". This is not only an official permission, this predicate connected. For us it is very important to offer you as a hiker the appropriate hiking service also daily.

Ultimately, of course, you can rely on the fact that you will find the nationwide quality criteria for hiking hosts in the Schlossberghotel. We would like to make your hiking vacation as pleasant as possible.

Therefore, on the one hand, we naturally attach great importance to the fact that you can freely arrange your vacation in Oberhof and, on the other hand, we want you to know that you can also expect these things from us:

Special offers for hikers

  • Hiking maps in the hotel
  • Food to take home for the hiking day
  • Drying room for wet hiking clothes and shoes
  • Shoe shine kit for your hiking shoes
  • Suggested tours for the day's hikes
  • Shoe storage in the room
  • First aid kit for hikers etc.

By the way, if you should miss something in your luggage for your hiking vacation, it is not a big deal in Oberhof. There are several well-stocked sporting goods stores that specialize in hikers and mountain bikers. From the perfect hiking socks, to the latest models of hiking boots, to poles, to hiking hats, you will find everything you want or need. At SportLuck in Oberhof, for example, you can also test hiking boots from Makr Lowa. Only after a proper day hike you can often say whether a shoe was a good choice or not. The Oberhof sports stores can be reached from our hotel in a few minutes on foot.