Active holiday in the Thuringian Forest

Hiking, walking or exploring

The Thuringian Forest and the region around Oberhof am Rennsteig offer you plenty of opportunities for an active holiday. Many kilometres of excellent hiking trails in summer or winter, mountain bike trails or cross-country ski trails invite you to discover them. We have put together a few tips for you.

There is a lot to experience in Oberhof and the surrounding area. We will also be happy to advise you by phone 036842/52990 or by email:

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An active holiday as individual as you are

Of course, there is much more to discover during your active holiday in the Thuringian Forest. With a day trip you can experience history and stories throughout Thuringia. Meet Luther, Goethe, Bach or Schiller and enjoy culture & nature.

Or hike the Thuringian peaks, with a cosy rest in one of the rustic mountain huts. You will be rewarded with unique views and romantic hours in the mountain valleys.

Mountain bike group enjoys view over Thuringian Forest
Bikepark Oberhof, hotel tip for vacation

Your active holiday at Schlossberghotel Oberhof


For your active holiday at Schlossberghotel Oberhof, we have put together various hotel offers. These usually include dinner and other extras. View hotel offers now.

At the hotel, there are facilities for drying your hiking boots or for storing your skis and bicycles. After an extensive day in the nature of the Thuringian Forest, you can first treat yourself to a visit to the sauna and a little swim in our hotel's own pool. In the evening, we will spoil you with exquisite menus and Thuringian dishes.


Flora and fauna from all over the world in Oberhof

On your holiday in Oberhof, you'll get around the world. And it's easy, you visit the Oberhof Exotarium and the Rennsteig Garden.

In the exotarium you can get up close to snakes and amphibians, scorpions and fish from all parts of the world

The Rennsteig Garden Oberhof, on the other hand, whisks you away to the mountains of all continents from the end of April to the end of October. Rare and globally protected plant species of the high mountains and native herbs are direct neighbours in Oberhof. Or take a stroll through America and Asia and enjoy the wide view of the Thuringian Forest.


Sharks and Phenomena in the Thuringian Forest

At a seaside, in the South Seas or the Atlantic Ocean, it is easy to encounter a shark. In the Thuringian Forest you can look deep into the eyes of the sharks, but don't risk your life. Because you and the sharks are still separated by a wall of glass.

Visit the fascinating sea dwellers in the Meeresaquarium Zella-Mehlis. Guests can also take part in shark feedings on a regular basis. Of course, there are plenty more marine adventures to experience. Marvel at the animals of the underwater world or take a look in the crocodile house.

Get to the bottom of physics with the whole family at the Explorata hands-on world in Zella-Mehlis. Can a drum beat extinguish a candle, how does a storm get into a water bottle or an attempt to direct light with your hand.

Sometimes an optical illusion, sometimes a law of nature, there is all this to discover in the Explorata. A few entertaining hours are guaranteed.