Hotel for couples in the Thuringian Forest

All couples need some time just for themselves now and then. It's simply part of nurturing a relationship. A hotel for couples is perfect for this. Lovers dream of a cuddle holiday, long-term lovers dream of a couple's holiday without children, friends or even grandchildren. Time off for parents is also important. Switch off completely for once and find each other again on a romantic short break and let your soul dangle together! A romantic holiday in Thuringia is just the thing. Thuringia promises wellness for body and soul with its beautiful landscapes and hiking opportunities.

Celebrate a special occasion - perhaps a wedding anniversary or birthday - we have the right special occasion offer for you. Or are you still looking for ideas to propose marriage, this could be something for you.

Do you still have questions? We are also happy to advise you by telephone about all booking options and leisure possibilities for your romantic cuddle holiday. You can reach us by phone: 036842 52990.

Romantic days in your hotel for couples in Thuringia

Oberhof in Thuringia offers a wonderful setting for a romantic short break. The Schlossberghotel in Oberhof is centrally located at the H2Oberhof Wellnessbad and specialises as a hotel for couples.

The setting is the Thuringian Forest with its hiking trails. Romantic walks right outside the front door? That is possible here. Only a few minutes' walk from the hotel begins a nature reserve with the oldest spruces in central Germany. They are already almost 300 years old. The Thuringian Forest is a paradise for hikers, but even short walks in the sunset are of course particularly enchanting here. Some paths lead past babbling brooks, others across meadows into deep forests.

If you also want to gather knowledge during your couple's holiday, Oberhof scores with two wonderful adventure trails. In addition, we in Thuringia naturally know exactly how enchanting our forests are. That's why there are various romantic events for heart and soul throughout the year. From torchlight hikes to music festivals, everything is on offer. A look at the calendar of events is therefore always worthwhile. By the way: the calendar of events is of course particularly interesting for those interested in sports.

Why not spend a romantic weekend for two and visit a winter sports competition at the same time? This is possible at the Schlossberghotel in Oberhof.

View over the Thuringian Forest. Hiking at the hotel in Oberhof
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The versatile offer: Wellness for lovers in Thuringia


The Schlossberghotel is naturally high on the list of romantic hotels in Thuringia. But not only the soul can relax wonderfully in our hotel for couples. A well-kept and modern wellness area ensures all-round relaxation. This makes relationship care really fun, and the cuddle weekend for lovers turns into a true relaxing holiday. We offer an indoor pool where the temperature is always a pleasant 30 degrees. We have a sauna with relaxation loungers and also offer numerous treatments. From hot stone massage and foot zone reflex massage to cosmetic treatments, everything is possible.

Even more wellness right next door

If you want to experience even more: Oberhof's H2Oberhof Wellnessbad is located right next to the hotel and has an endless range of wellness for lovers in Thuringia. There, pool atmosphere combines with an extensive sauna and wellness offer. Unwind by the pool and then enjoy a scented sauna or a fireplace sauna. Time to be pampered all around and enjoy your togetherness in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany!

Dreamy cuddle days for lovers

No matter whether you are newly in love or have been married for twenty years. If you and your partner need some time off, you should treat yourself to days like this. If you only have a short time, a weekend is the perfect romantic holiday in Thuringia. The Schlossberghotel in Oberhof is considered a particularly romantic hotel in Thuringia, as it appeals to a wide variety of couples with its diverse range of offers. Active couples feel just as comfortable here as couples who want to be pampered exclusively.

For your cuddly holiday, book a room according to your ideas and tell us your wishes. The premium rooms have elegantly designed bathrooms and large, cosy sitting areas. A bottle of sparkling wine and a fruit basket await you in your room. So you can toast your togetherness and enjoy the peace and quiet right after your arrival. The next day, you can sleep late and fortify yourself at our rich breakfast buffet. Afterwards, you can explore the countryside and the forests and relax in the wellness area or in the nearby H2Oberhof wellness spa. A wonderful 4-course menu concludes the evening.

A perfect getaway for parents at the hotel for couples

Parents need time for themselves. Our Schlossberghotel in Oberhof is the right address for parents, as Oberhof is located in the heart of Germany. No matter where you live - the journey is never too far! Parents of smaller children are sometimes slow to relax during a planned cuddle weekend for lovers.

The thoughts are always with the children. Are they really doing well? The Schlossberghotel offers the unique possibility that, despite your time away, you could still quickly go home in an emergency. Such an eventuality will hopefully never occur, but the knowledge of having this option gives many parents the security they desperately need to relax.

Take advantage of the diverse wellness offers and enjoy the scent of the forest! Forget the stress of everyday life, the queuing in the supermarket and the daily hustle and bustle between job and kitchen. Have a cosy and relaxed meal in our restaurant. In the winter garden you can taste real Thuringian specialities. Then sleep in and enjoy the tranquillity of this wonderful landscape. You are sure to return to your family feeling refreshed. Your romantic holiday in Thuringia will be an unforgettable experience!

PS: For unforeseen cases, we recommend our hotel cancellation insurance when booking. This way parents are on the safe side.

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